Who we are

Hotel Mediterraneo Chi Siamo

In 1960 my parents wanted to come back to Italy  so they decided to lave Chile where they met and successfully managed one of the oldest Italian restaurants in the country.

My father was born in Romagna and my parents built their first hotel named “Acapulco” in Milano Marittima, which they ran until 1968 .  They then sold hotel “Acapulco” and opened   Hotel Mediterraneo in Lido di Savio. They ran the hotel until 1989, when I became the  new  hotel manager.

Since 1991 my wife Maria has been helping me with  the hotel management and this activity is giving us a lot of satisfaction, thanks to the faithfulness of our guests, who spend their  summer  holidays in hotel Mediterraneo every year (some families have been spending their holidays here for more than 40 years!).

My family and  I, together with our hotel staff, will be pleased to offer you a relaxed and pleasant beach holiday.

Marco Zangheri